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staticdocs provides a way to conveniently render R package documentation into html pages suitable for stand-alone viewing, such as on a package webpage. You can see staticdocs in action at this is the output of staticdocs applied to the latest version of staticdocs.

staticdocs is not currently available from CRAN, but you can install the development version from github with:

# install.packages("devtools")


  • Attractive defaults: staticdocs uses bootstrap to provide an attractive website.

  • Customisable: you can override the default templates to provide alternative rendering

  • Flexible ways to specify the index page so you can group related functions together.

Compared to Rd2html, staticdocs:

  • Makes it easier to customise the output.

  • Runs examples, so users see both input and output.

  • Assumes only one package is being rendered - links to documentation in other packages are forwarded to Rdocumentation.

Help topics

Settings functions

These functions are used in index.r to configure various settings that staticdocs uses when rendering a package. This is particularly useful for generating an index page that groups functions into useful categories

  • sd_icon
    Define the icon for a function.
  • sd_item
    Define an item in a section of the index.
  • sd_section
    Define a section for the index page


  • build_site(build_package, staticdocs-package)
    Build complete static documentation for a package.
  • parse_rd
    Parse an rd file in to staticdocs format.
  • render_page
    Render complete page.
  • to_html
    Convert an rdoc to a list of html components.